Bangkok, South East Asia 1.0

Hi everyone..

VERY long time no talk !!

Well, let’s say I’ve been alright, the past 2 or 3 years since you heard from me here !

I am actually in South East asia, and thought it could be nice to share my experience !

It all started mid october when, like many other international backpackers, I landed in Bangkok, Thailand, with one goal, discovering South east Asia, its culture, its history, its food and many other stuff too !

When I first arrived there, I didn’t really know what to do next.. the only thing I managed to think was not to get caught somewhere in the middle of the rainy season. And being the end of it but not quite in Thailand, I decided to go South, and head towards Indonesia before the rain will show up there mid December.

But in the meantime, there I was.. for one week in Bangkok. Many of you know me by now, but for those who don’t, I tend no to go to all the biggest touristic spots but more on the unbeaten tracks, and if I do go on the touristic areas, it would be for a short visit only.

Bangkok is certainly both of the above in one huge city. I filled up my first 3 days going around the city, walking in some nice and some shady neighborhood, markets, and visiting of course some of the biggest and most famous temples in the city.. well… after 3 days, I was done ! There is only a certain amount of golden Buddha and temples, One can see in a short period of time 🙂 plus, I had to admit I was feeling tired from jetlag those 3-4 first days.

One more thing, average people I know knows, is that I usually travel alone, and therefor, meet other travelers on my way. And Bangkok seemed to be full of those. The “gang” (thx Raghnild for this word that will stick to my stories now) I was hanging with was a European one, if Russia can count as Europe, Alicia, Dina and Gert were the 3 persons I’ve spend the last days in Bkk with, partying, or going to some night market and trying fried insects, or having a (normal) massage in a traditional massage shop at 2am.

I have to say Bangkok is a really big city and of course, really busy. Not my favorite, but it has some nice aspect if you look in between the big lines, and don’t stay in the center; I for instance, haven’t stepped foot on Ko San Road for those who knows the place. It also gave me a very nice first taste of Thai food, and can’t wait to go back there to experience some more!

After a few days, I decided I would reach Indonesia on Lombok island, and for this, needed a stopover in Kuala Lumpur. It was time to reach Kuan, a friend I met a few years back, while I was working in Australia on the great barrier reef, on the liveaboard diving boat, he used to come on board as a volunteer to dive and we got along nicely. Going to his homeland and city, I couldn’t pass the opportunity to meet him.

I reached Kuala Lumpur on October 21st, and I had a smile on my face while transferring from the Airport to the city, it reminded me of 6 years earlier… I’ve been here, with Audrey, on my way to Australia, weird feeling to be back somewhere on the other side of the world, on a different travel!

As I walked towards my guesthouse, I remembered the areas of the city center, and despite the repetitive and heavy rainshowers, I enjoyed two days walking around the different neighborhoods. In the evening, I met up with Kuan, still rainy, he picked me up and we went to a Chinese Steamboat restaurant, in a different suburb. A steamboat, is a big hot pot set in the middle of the table with usually a meat bouillon (with meat and/or bone, and basic aromatic veggies); then you order a selection of various sliced meat, fresh veggies, eggs, noodles.. that you will cook yourself as the dinner go along, Yummy, I thanked Kuan to bring me there.

Ohh, I forgot, I happenned to be in Kuala Lumpur for Deepavali festival, with the amount of Indian immigrant in this city, it was great, going around the streets and being offered some of the best Indian food I ever tasted. In a few days I really faced all the different cultures in this city, I was eating different food from all over Asia at every meal.

After a few days in KL, catching up with Kuan and the city, it was time for me to head back to the Airport to catch my flight to Lombok, .. but… while having breakfast before to leave, I overheard some backpackers discussing about how to get to Sepan Circuit, the official Malaysian Race track.

I joined the conversation and found out the Malaysian MotoGP was happening that week end, starting the following day. I swallowed quickly the rest of my breakfast and went online to look it up.. As soon as I realised I could still buy a ticket for a seat on a nice Stand, I did so, and then booked on other flight to Indonesia that would leave the following Tuesday, allowing me to spend all week end going to Sepan circuit and experience something new to me, a MotoGP race.

Let’s be honest, if you’re not into motorbikes, the race day is enough, but if you like those 2 wheels beast, then it’s worth going for the 3 days and enjoy it all! Marquez, Rossi, Lorenzo or Pedrosa were on top of their game once more!

While chatting over a few dinners the previous days, Kuan had let me know he was exposing some of his work in a local Art Gallery that was about to open that Friday, I reached out to him and let him know I changed my plans. I joined him in the evening and was stunned to finally see his work, a brilliant young talent.

After this unpredicted weekend in Kuala Lumpur.. I finally made my way to the Airport… next destination… Indonesia !

Stay safe and enjoy your life dear friends 🙂



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